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We are a English-Japanese bi-lingual specialist in investor relations (IR), marketing, business development and compliance consulting.

We provide advisory and agency services to global companies, investment and financial services companies including:


  • document preparation & filing

  • business development and marketing

  • Japan and US-based liaison and designated contact persons 

  • product certification

  • investor relations

  • translation / interpretation

We do not provide legal, tax or investment advise or services.



​Japan is the world's 3rd largest economy and one of the leading capital markets, yet is perceived to be one of the toughest to penetrate. 


Specialized Professional Services with Knowledge & Expertise of Local Market:

Skylands Global will help breakdown this barrier and implement your market entry and business execution through our advisory and professional services.  Time and cost efficient bi-lingual support services to strategically fill your gap is what we do.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Services for Investment Management and Financial Instrument Fund businesses:


Services for Food Packaging and Contact Materials companies: 



Promote growth and integrity of global companies, investment management and financial service businesses between Japan and the world region through our offerings of:


  • Cost efficient and specialized professional services


  • Seamless and strategic extension to our clients' in-house capability in marketing, business development, investor relations, compliance and communications


  • Agency support services so that our clients can focus on business execution and maximize its time and cost efficiency.


Skylands Global LLC fills the missing gap.


Getting the perfect fit for the Japanese standards is not an easy task.


We operate as the strategic add-on to your in-house compliance, IR, and marketing departments through our bi-lingual agency support services.


We strive to help you achieve and maintain your global standards to maximize your success in Japan.